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Your Property is Our Priority
Your home is more than just a real estate asset. Your apartment complex is more than just a haven for tax deductions. The best rental property investments are professionally managed and maintained to produce predictable annual income streams and those that continue to appreciate in value. At Choice Realty, we understand the issues that arise as a landlord because we are landlords ourselves. Chances are over the past 15 years, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in property management and can share our experience to help guide you to make smart decisions in real estate. We treat our landlord clients how we would want to be treated by a property management firm--fairly, honestly, and economically. We are client-centric because our reputation and success depends upon the satisfaction of our clients, both home owners and investors. We handle everything to ensure your property is a sound investment. Your property is our priority.

Prep for Success
When shopping for a new car, do you overlook flat tires, cracked windshields and dead batteries? Of course not! It's the same with a rental property. Our strategy for renting your property quickly and maximizing rents begins with prepping your property so it shines, shows well, and has strong appeal to the most qualified and responsible tenants. Rely on our expertise to guide your success.

Targeted Marketing "Blasts"
Before your listing hits the local MLS, we have very likely already installed the informative sign(s) at the property, posted an ad on our local Craigslist account, posted a video tour of the property on our YouTube channel "Rental Homes in Charleston," pre-scheduled regular posts to our Facebook Page "ChoiceRealtyUSA" and our personal pages, and have begun fielding showing appointments and online inquiries from our ChoiceRealtyRentals.com property management site. In addition to these Targeted Marketing Blasts, we also use Traditional Marketing methods.

Traditional Marketing

  • Print media ads (Post & Courier; locally distributed newspapers and magazines in property submarkets such as Azalea Magazine)
  • Charleston's Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • We network with other licensed real estate agents, brokers and property managers that often refer tenants.

Tenant Qualification

  • We pre-qualify tenants according to any respective restrictions of the property owner (pets, smokers, must have lawn mower, etc.) and we set appointments to show the property and use detailed tenant applications cross-referenced with due diligence.
  • Credit and criminal background checks are made. Previous rental history and employment are verified. Choice Realty makes recommendations to Owners for final qualification decisions.

Security Deposits

  • In accordance with South Carolina laws, the security deposit is deposited into a non-interest bearing escrow account. Said deposits shall not be used as last month's rent.

Rent Collection

  • Rent is collected on the first of each month. Late payments are assessed late fees creating incentives to pay on time.

Property Inspections

  • Inspections are made before the home is rented; upon move-in; within the first six months of each initial tenancy; and, upon move-out.


  • Hire, oversee & approve all work orders on said rental. Independent contractors. Licensed, bonded and insured are used. Tenants have easy access to our Property Manager to assist them with required maintenance.


  • As skilled property managers, we walk a fine line in maintaining strong communication with both our landlord-owners and our tenant-residents. We encourage strong communication to ensure all details are handled promptly.

Online Reports & Income

  • Choice Realty provides a detailed income and expense report, accessible to owners at any time in any format they require via our secure online platform. We send out end of year operating statements for tax preparation purposes.
  • Rental income is distributed to the owner via online/electronic payments, deposited into an owner's bank account, or mailed.


Our office is located in a two-story yellow building, located across from Applebee's and Waffle House, on Old Trolley Road near the Berlin G. Myers Parkway intersection, at 89-B Old Trolley Road, 2nd Floor, Summerville, SC 29485. Please contact one of the real estate advisors below to schedule a free property management needs evaluation of your property.

Susan Lee, Licensed Property Manager & Operations; Tel. 843-830-0264 (call or text); SusanLee@ChoiceRealtyusa.com

Jonathan Lee, CCIM, Licensed Real Estate Broker & Leasing; Tel. 843-991-4848 (call or text); JonathanLee@ChoiceRealtyusa.com


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